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Based on the feedback of individuals who receive services, their parents/guardians/family members, entities that contribute funds and referrals to the agency, employees, the board of directors and the community, our 2014-2015 Outcomes Management Plan is founded on the following pillars: Access, Effectiveness, Efficiency, Satisfaction.




Maximize participation and community access of individuals receiving services and to ensure the majority of those served are engaged in a variety of community inclusion activities. Ninety percent (90%) of persons receiving services who have been identified as wishing to access the community routinely will do so a minimum of four (4) times per month.
In order to facilitate personally-desired outcomes, persons who desire are encouraged to take the opportunity to develop and direct his/her own ISP (Individualized Support Plan) meeting. Three persons who express the desire to chair his/her own ISP meetings will do so during the 2014-2015 year.


Through ongoing training and efforts to increase staff awareness of health and safety needs, TNC will become more effective at reducing preventable adverse events. The number of preventable reportable events will be reduced to an average of 30 or fewer events for Jackson County and 8 or fewer events for Clay County each quarter
Individuals will make progress on and/or achieve individual goals. 1. 90% of persons receiving services will make progress on at least 85% of their individual goals.

2. 90% of persons receiving services will achieve at least 80% of their individual goals.


Maximize satisfaction of persons receiving services and that of the organization’s stakeholders. Ninety percent (90%) of respondents (individuals, families, guardians) to surveys report being satisfied in 90% of the areas surveyed.


To improve efficiency, TNC will utilize a web-based daily documentation system to decrease the number of incomplete daily reports and provide a format for a higher level of oversight. TNC will choose, purchase, train on, and implement a web-based daily documentation system.