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Residential Living FAQs

Selecting a home for your loved one is a difficult process. Listed below are key topics to consider as you visit each facility.

 Supported Living

  • Will your loved one have input on what he or she eats?
  • Will employees help with medication, personal hygiene, meal times etc.?
  • If your loved one wants to attend a community event, will transportation be provided?
  • Can the individual receiving supportive services or the family make choices? 

TNC Community offers a variety of group home and Individual Supported Living locations, all with 24-hour supervision. Someone is always awake to make sure that each individual has the care they need. Assistance is provided for daily living skills including meal time, grooming, hygiene, etc., and transportation is available for most outings. Additionally, customized personal care assistance is also available to individuals on an as-needed basis.

Residential Habilitation

  • Will the individual receiving supportive services maintain his or her specific Individual Service Plan (ISP)?
  • Will employees help your loved one achieve personal goals? 

TNC Community’s employees work with each of the individuals we serve to achieve personalized goals and to accomplish as much as possible.

Community Integration

  • Will employees assist with vacation plans for your loved one?
  • Will the individual be able to continue attending the church of his or her choice? 

TNC Community provides assistance with planning activities in the community with transportation available for these outings.

Healthcare Oversight/Management

  • Does the agency have a Community Registered Nurse (RN) on staff?
  • Can your loved one keep his or her current doctor?
  • How often will your loved one see the doctor?
  • Can the individual or family member make doctor’s appointments?
  • What happens if the individual has an emergency during the night?
  • If an individual needs to be transported to the hospital, will an employee be present?
  • What if your loved one runs out of medication or isn’t feeling well?         

TNC has two Community Registered Nurses on staff and provides a monthly health status review. Additionally, TNC offers 24-hour on-call healthcare services including pharmaceutical, assistance with scheduling doctor’s appointments, transportation to the appointments and a weekly review of medications and medical status by a Health Support Coordinator. In the event that hospitalization is needed, in most cases an employee will be with your loved one at the hospital until the family arrives.                                                         

Healthcare, Nutrition

  • Can your loved one help with the menu?Does the individual choose what he or she wants to eat?
  • Will your loved one help with grocery shopping?
  • What if your loved one has a food allergy or a specific food need?

TNC has contracted with a registered dietician for nutritional evaluations and education who conducts a full health assessment for each individual that takes into account their specialized needs, provides assistance for the menu planning at each of our homes, and is available at any additional times should the needs or diagnoses of the individuals change.