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Our well-trained, highly-qualified employees and management have teamed together to lend our experience and expertise in the field of intellectual/developmental disabilities.

We realize that every person is unique, and each individual’s disability varies in severity. Let us apply our personalized approach to care beyond the basics in our customized approach to HOME, FAMILY AND COMMUNITY.

Administrative Team

Kelly McGillis, Executive Director

Ryan Phillips, Associate Executive Director

Stacy Baker, Finance Director

Ginni Gilgour, Administrative Assistant

Kimmy Loboda, Office Assistant

Nzala Chongo, Recruiter/Trainer

Alexandra Cook, Human Resource Manager

Tom Wagner, Maintenance

Health Team

Cindy Batchelor, Director of Health Services

Ardith Scheer, Community RN

Shirley Bowser, Community RN

Melissa Kingery, Health Support Coordinator

Rose Lyons, Health Support Coordinator

Melissa McKay, Health Support Coordinator

Erica Gray, Pharmacy Support Coordinator

Residential/Programmatic Team

Nurudeen Owodunni, Qualified Developmental Disability Professional

LaShonda Caldwell, Qualified Developmental Disability Professional

Mary Beth Green, Quality and Compliance Manager

Harley Brown, Residential Support Supervisor

Robbie Pierson, Residential Support Supervisor

Leighann Baker, Residential Support Supervisor