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12-18 year old (accompanied by adult)

We provide individuals the opportunity to achieve their goals in a safe and healthy environment in homes like yours and mine. TNC manages 12 locations that include a variety of group homes and Individual Supported Living settings nestled in neighborhoods across the Kansas City metropolitan area.

As it is the case with any home, there is always a constant need of upkeep and maintenance. We would enjoy the opportunity to host 10 volunteers for our beautification project, “Homes Like Yours and Mine.”

The project would consist of the following tasks: dust light fixtures, clean window treatments, clean the tops and insides of kitchen cabinets and organize the pantry, wipe down counter tops, appliances and cabinet surfaces, wipe off knickknacks, surfaces, ceiling fans and baseboards, wipe down shelves, vacuum high traffic areas, sweep patio, porch and deck, organizing rooms of individuals (residents)

To register, email [email protected]